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Campus Reform reports:

Dartmouth student: Homecoming honors ‘legacy of colonialism’

A student leader at Dartmouth College wants her classmates to “support the marginalized” by rejecting a time-honored homecoming tradition.

In an op-ed for The Dartmouth, student Jessica Cantos, a member of the Inter-Community Council, urges her classmates to reject the school’s homecoming bonfire tradition because participating in the festivities “celebrates Dartmouth’s legacy of colonialism” and “actively supports the administration’s violent negligence of the most vulnerable of our peers.”

Cantos begins her article by discussing the feeling of “home” for students, raising the issue of DACA and illegal immigrants’ sense of belonging on campus, but her primary concern pertains to the administration’s response to President Trump’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

She claims that Dartmouth isn’t doing enough for DACA students, although she acknowledges that shortly after Trump announced that the program would expire, Dartmouth College President Phil Hanlon sent a school-wide email labelling DACA’s continuation a “moral imperative and a national necessity.”

According to the school, its “admissions and financial aid policies do not consider domestic applicants’ immigration status,” while illegal immigrant students receive support from several departments on campus.

“For the administration, the encouragement of alumni participation in Homecoming traditions has never been a purely nostalgic act but rather a way to solicit donations,” she asserts, later charging readers to “not forget that we are celebrating Homecoming on stolen Abenaki land, a fact that the College continues to ignore while the administration claims this land as our home.”


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