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Company Providing Free Tampons at Brown Accused of Cultural Appropriation

Company Providing Free Tampons at Brown Accused of Cultural Appropriation

“Tampon Tribe”

Nothing is ever god enough for the left. Give them time and they’ll find something wrong with anything.

The Daily Wire reports:

Brown U Free Tampon Program Hits A Snag After Students Accuse Company Of Cultural Appropriation

A Brown University program designed to provide male and female students with free feminine hygiene products has hit a snag after students complained the tampon company Brown selected was “culturally approriating” from Native Americans.

According to The Brown Daily Herald, students clashed over whether the “Tampon Tribe” should be their leading provider of in-restroom tampons because the company, which provides “sustainably sourced” “organic” “toxin free” “recyclable” tampons to the Brown community, shares its name with the traditional moniker for groupings of Native American sub-civilizations across the country.

The Undergraduate Council of Students heard complaints from “indigenous and Native American [students]” who claimed the company’s name — and some of its branding — “affected them really deeply.” The USC then voted to change tampon suppliers.

Tampon Tribe, for the record, does not appear to use any Native American imagery in its branding, but does seem to feature a lot of Millennial-aged white women dressed in faux-bohemian attire giving the peace sign in the company’s Instagram photos, so perhaps that’s what’s triggering.

The contention has been brewing since last year, when Brown switched to Tampon Tribe from its previous hygiene product provider, Boxed. Students had concerns, initially, but the UCS reached out to a Tampon Tribe representative who assured the group that there were “Afro-diasporic and indigenous identities” among their upper management.


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The Friendly Grizzly | October 21, 2017 at 10:41 am

The solution is simple: the company pulls their free products from the campus. Period. No explanations, no apologies, no nothing. Just pull the supplies and the machines, and go away.

At some point, and probably soon, reality is going to brutally bitch-slap these misdirected snowflakes so hard they won’t be able to breathe, and evolution will take another small step forward by discarding its trash.

Did the company offer the free tampons with no strings attached?

I’m having a hard time believing this isn’t satire.

Excuse me? The English word “tribe” is now associated with Amerinds? That’ll be news to all the MOTs here, I’m sure. גערעכט? נכון?

If they are so worried about cultural appropriation, then why don;t they go after Frederica Wilson and her plastic cowboy hats? Surely they can find something wrong with a black woman from Miami who wears brightly colored, shiny cowboy hats or is it a case like racism where blacks are as incapable of racism as they are of cultural appropriation?

So, the English word tribe is an appropriation now?

Native American SJWs now claim a monopoly on the civilization-dawning concept of tribesmanship.

A “tribe” is a form of human community that lacks a full-time government, such as one finds in a nation-state or empire.

Many pre-Columbian indigenous communities in America were organized as tribes, but some (most obviously Aztecs and Incas) obviously were not as these were states. And I’d assume any anthropologist who’s not totally infected with PC would assert that tribes were the primary form of human community prior to the neolithic revolution.

If one were Rousseauian one might view tribes as noble, perhaps because they seldom keep slaves. Then again, they don’t keep slaves because they’re not able to keep them, and therefore adopt the obvious alternative of murdering all the males and force-“marrying” the females after a military conquest. So, perhaps tribes aren’t so kind and gentle after all.

In any case, one might point out to these students that tribal organization was hardly unique to the Americas, and in any case tribes lost out to states everywhere (again, not just in the Americas), probably because states out-compete tribes in so many ways.

Indeed, one might recall that saying about the mouths of gift-horses, or perhaps even note that ignorance and arrogance make poor companions.

But, of course one should not do that because that might hurt their feelings, and hurting someone’s feelings (Nazis excepted) is hate speech, and hate speech is violence , so you better STFU or they’ll smash your face.