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Columbia University Silent as Antifa Threatens College Republicans

Columbia University Silent as Antifa Threatens College Republicans

“these students appear to be entitled rich kids”

All that stuff colleges say about students deserving to feel safe is complete garbage. When it comes to conservative students, there is no safe space.

Campus Reform reports:

Antifa campaign takes on entire College Republican board

New York City’s Antifa coalition continues to dox and vaguely threaten the Executive Board members of Columbia University’s College Republicans chapter while the school remains silent.

Campus Reform reported recently that flyers were found on campus with the headshot, title, and name of Columbia University College Republicans (CUCR) Director of Operations Joey Siegel, encouraging passersby to “let him know what you think.”

But now Campus Reform has learned that the entire CUCR executive board has been threatened in precisely the same way, with similar flyers appearing around campus ahead of the CUCR-sponsored Mike Cernovich event.

“Here are the fliers identifying Executive Board members of [CUCR], who are inviting fascist speakers to their campus, New York City’s Antifa branch declared in a recent call to action, adding sneeringly that “these students appear to be entitled rich kids, padding their resumes for future jobs at hedge funds.”

“If you see these people tell them what you think,” the post urges supporters, goading them on by speculating that the CR members “never thought they would have to face consequences for inviting fascists to speak on their campus.”


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If Antifa wants to get all the “fascists” off college campuses, all they have to do is … pack up and leave! It is clear they don’t have the slightest clue about fascism; it’s founding, philosophy, methods, or anything else. In Italy in the 30’s, guess which group was referred to as “black-shirted thugs”? (You can bet these losers don’t know!

How does that old song go describing Antifa and the Brown Shirts of Nazi Germany? “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss….”