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College Student Gets Jail Time for Bringing Weapons to Trump Tower

College Student Gets Jail Time for Bringing Weapons to Trump Tower

“a slew of violations”

The 2016 election really brought out mental illness in some people.

FOX News reports:

Student gets 30 days in jail for bringing bag full of weapons to Trump Tower

A Baruch College student was convicted Friday of taking a bag full of weapons into Trump Tower and was sentenced to 30 days in jail.

After a nonjury trial, Judge Steven Statsinger found Alexander Wang, 20, guilty of two counts of attempted weapons possession and a slew of violations from the December 2016 incident.

“I’m deeply concerned about the lack of judgment that would bring a person into Trump Tower with those items,” Statsinger said of the student from upstate Poughquag.

The Fifth Avenue high-rise houses the president’s penthouse.

Wang, a self-described “survivalist,” was busted Dec. 12 for trying to enter the building with a bizarre assortment of items: a knife, garrote, handcuffs, water gun, an M-100 firecracker and a black rope.


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Knives and firecrackers are illegal to possess in NYC? I also find it difficult to believe that handcuffs, water guns, and rope are classified as weapons in NYC. The garrote is a little questionable, but I’m not sure what *legally* distinguishes one from any other kind of thin wire.

What the heck is “attempted weapons possession”?

Knives of any useful blade length for work are indeed banned as weapons in NYC. Along with any knife which has an assisted opening (I find spring assist a great help when I need a knife and have what I wish to cut in the other hand). Coumo threatened a veto of a state bill to simplify and rationalize knife laws in the state, so the legislature (which is dominated in the Assembly by Democrats and Senate barely controlled by the Republicans with the help of some Democrats) passed another bi-partisan bill which specifically addressed the problems the Gov. found with the first bill – and Cuomo vetoed it. Apparently the Gov. and NYC believe New Yorkers can’t be trusted with sharp objects (unless it is a needle exchange program).

Yeah firecrackers, IIRC, are illegal in NY State. And those dastardly Black Assault Ropes (Black ARs) are clearly a danger and need to be permanently banned.

4th armored div | October 30, 2017 at 11:53 am

30 days ?

That rope seems like particularly dangerous “weapon”.