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College of the Ozarks Launches Course Requirement in Patriotism

College of the Ozarks Launches Course Requirement in Patriotism

“Patriotic Education and Fitness”

I’m not sure I like the requirement part but the course subject is refreshing.

Inside Higher Ed reports:

New Graduation Requirement: Patriotism

Quick quiz: Where is Omaha Beach?

If your answer was Normandy, France, the site of the D-Day landings, you’re correct. But Jerry Davis is worried that kids these days might wager Nebraska.

That’s why the College of the Ozarks, where Davis is president, has launched a new required course for freshmen — dubbed Patriotic Education and Fitness — to combat what he sees as rising anti-American, antipatriotic sentiments in American culture that have been “bubbling for many years.” How much that is true versus how much that is his perception is certainly up for debate, but given that one of the college’s five pillars is “patriotic education,” the course certainly fits the culture of the Christian liberal arts college.

The college held a media day for local outlets in Point Lookout, Mo., Monday to show off the new four-credit course, which was piloted both semesters last year and debuted in earnest as a requirement for freshmen this semester. At the media day, a formation of students marched through campus and stood at attention as Davis addressed them. Terrence Dake, a Board of Trustees member and retired Marine general, told them to stand at ease before continuing with another address.

Speaking by phone with Inside Higher Ed Wednesday, Davis had criticisms of the younger generation but said the course — which combines elements from ROTC programming, physical education courses and the college’s patriotic education pillar — was about building a positive citizenry.


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4th armored div | October 30, 2017 at 11:46 am

->I’m not sure I like the requirement part <-
in an age where History is being supplanted by Herstory.

in an age where kids are not being taught the history of our republic (note NOT democracy). how can you instill patriotism –
i am surprised that hat the Marine Corps (not Corpse i.e. Obama) and the rest of the Volunteer military can fill their ranks.

it needs to be a requirement for ALL High School Grads.

other posters please comment on my thoughts.

    Close The Fed in reply to 4th armored div. | November 4, 2017 at 10:38 am

    Re: 4th Armored Division:

    I would agree it should be mandatory EXCEPT:

    The problem is with the premise of accepting the existence of mandatory attendance at government schools. As long as government has an effective monopoly on the curriculum taught, and parents can’t have their children taught as they wish, we’ll have the problem of leftists invading and taking over.

    I oppose government funding of schools, however, virtually no one agrees with me. So, vouchers, so if parents want their children taught patriotism, religion, home economics, shop, et cetera, they can be taught those subjects without the government having a tyrannical veto.

    So, if we are going to continue to have government schools instead of choice in schools, yes, make the class mandatory. By all means.

The Friendly Grizzly | October 31, 2017 at 10:58 am

Making it a required course will screen out the whiners and the social justice weenies.

As for the distaste over it being a requirement: I don’t like how some colleges are requiring “sensitivity” courses that are nothing more than hate-whitey rubbish.

Another thought about required classes:

Having required classes is a must. The whole point of education is that the students DON’T KNOW what they need to know. If we let them select, they’ll definitely choose poorly.

Required core curriculum is a must.