This is an admission by the left that they don’t believe in free speech. We already knew that but they usually deny it.

Campus Reform reports:

Liberals excoriate College Dems prez for defending free speech

The President of the University of California, Santa Cruz College Democrats club is facing backlash for standing up for her College Republican counterparts.

President Weslyn Church recently posted a defense of the College Republicans’ right to assembly after Campus Reform reported on the recent disruption of one of its meetings by liberal protesters.

“As the President of the College Democrats at UCSC, I stand in support of the College Republicans’ right to free speech and free assembly,” Church wrote in her statement, suggesting that if “this situation happened to the College Democrats,” she knows the College Republicans “would do the same.”

“The organizers of this disruption harmed not only the civil debate that was ongoing, but also the studying experience of those in the library. These protesters should be ashamed of their un-American and undemocratic actions,” she continued, praising the College Republicans for being “nothing but polite and cordial.”

In response, however, Church was immediately ridiculed by her fellow liberals, with one alumnus going so far as to call her a “neoliberal, capitalist, racist, narc-ass cop loving, wall street zombie.”

Another student suggested that by “turning this situation into a discussion of ‘free speech,’” Church was “playing right into the fascists’ hands,” adding that he was “irked” by the “standard free speech message.”