Isn’t it amazing how the left sometimes gets nabbed for their own rules?

Vice News reports:

A Canadian student leader faces discipline for Facebook post blasting ‘white fragility’

A Muslim Dalhousie University student is being accused of reverse racism and facing disciplinary action for a Facebook post calling out white fragility.

Ahead of Canada 150 celebrations this past summer, Masuma Khan, a Dalhousie Student Union Vice President, drafted a motion to boycott any events associated with the anniversary on campus. Similar motions had been adopted by student unions across the country, and Khan didn’t anticipate the storm of controversy that would follow.

At the council meeting, the motion had widespread support except for a few students who strongly disagreed, Khan told VICE News. Some council members suggested that if Khan wanted to “question the legitimacy of Canada,” she should renounce access to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

But the real battle started after Khan posted a sharp response to a Facebook post from a young conservative group, which criticized the student union for the proposed motion, saying that the union should “prioritize advocating for student issues, not attacking Canada.”

“At this point, fuck you all,” Khan wrote in a Facebook post that she said the university pressured her to delete. “Be proud of this country? For what, over 400 years of genocide?”