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California’s state Capitol hit with bevy of sexual harassment allegations

California’s state Capitol hit with bevy of sexual harassment allegations

The situation in California is dark and full of terrors.

The fallout from Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment and assault allegations are now landing in Sacrament.

While Senator Elizabeth Warren was revising her #MeToo backstory to suit today’s narrative, there seems a seismic change in political culture developing on the other coast.

A group of female politicos in Sacramento are leading the charge, bringing to light charges of sexual harassment by male colleagues in the state’s capital.

With allegations of rape and assault at the hands of Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein dredging up repressed memories across the nation, [head of Visa’s western U.S. government relations program Adama] Iwu’s experience served as the catalyst for a movement to challenge a culture at the state Capitol that many say has long allowed sexual harassment and assault to be swept under the rug.

Since the campaign went public Tuesday, the number of female legislators, lobbyists, political consultants, Capitol staff members and other women in Sacramento that signed an open letter calling out widespread “dehumanizing behavior by men with power” in political circles has more than doubled to over 300. Attention has broadened to the steps government should be taking to address the problem.

Women heeding the call to action tell stories of lobbyists who groped them, legislators who tried to make out with them on elevators, unwanted hands on their thighs and behinds, late-night text messages and lingering hugs that left them feeling uncomfortable and ashamed. Iwu and other organizers also launched a website,, to give women an outlet to share their experiences anonymously.

I will be interested to see what names are named. There are quite a few California politicians and bureaucrats who deride President Donald Trump for his use of vulgarities, while they smear Trump in the state’s continuing war against the White House. It will be fascinating to see if the loudest voices belong to the biggest perpetrators.

The California Assembly plans to hold public hearings next month to address these charges, as allegations of pervasive mistreatment continue to ripple through Sacramento.

The announcement comes one day after the California Senate announced it has hired lawyers and human resources consultants to investigate allegations of widespread sexual harassment and evaluate Senate procedures.

In a joint statement, Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-Paramount), Assemblyman Ken Cooley (D-Rancho Cordova) and Assemblywoman Laura Friedman (D-Glendale) said that “sexual harassment of any kind is intolerable.”

The lawmakers say a three-pronged approach is necessary to confront the issue: changing a climate that has been permissive to sexual harassment, offering victims have a safe place to discuss complaints and ensuring that “sexual harassment is dealt with expeditiously and that the seriousness of consequences match the violations committed,” they said in a statement.

So, now our drama will come from Sacramento instead of Hollywood!

I was a guest on Canto Talk today, along with my California compatriot Katy Grimes. She and I both agreed that the current situation in California is dark and full of terrors…perfect for the annual Halloween show. Katy will be following up with details on the sexual harassment reports from Sacramento with her excellent, detailed coverage soon.


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… Pour your coffee, sit back & watch the left eat it’s own…

    Snail in reply to jmt9455. | October 25, 2017 at 9:40 am

    Actually, thank you, but the mere mental image of watching the left ‘eat its own’ is a most disturbing visual, especially after seeing Drudge’s story about Weinstein’s ‘Tampon Caper.’

Given that Democrats have a supermajority in Sacramento, presumably large numbers of identified offenders will be Dems. What did Trump say about the Hollywood environment that wasn’t true? And now we hear Sacramento is the same.

Women’s liberation has really brought us a long way, hasn’t it?

    One woman, another woman… Shortly after the classical feminists, there was a progressive cascade of female chauvinists, and their male chauvinists counterparts. It is a mistake to reestablish class (e.g. sex, color) diversity.

Would the Harvey Weinstein allegations have happened if Hitlery had been elected?

    4th armored div in reply to Ronbert. | October 25, 2017 at 11:33 am

    allegations ? sure, blame ? never, cash is always the MO of Dems, they have a yuge carpet and a super duper sweeper –
    just ask billy bob and his knee pad brigade.

smalltownoklahoman | October 25, 2017 at 9:14 am

This story plus the Trump dossier story from yesterday evening, man today is going to be a fun one to listen to talk radio!

buckeyeminuteman | October 25, 2017 at 9:27 am

You mean Hollywood is full of people devoid of morals and hellbent on turning this country into a hedonistic hellhole? I’m shocked I tell you, totally shocked…

Well then, aren’t we fortunate that Democratic women, at least, “have the right to be believed” about such things and we can equate accusation with guilt.

That certainly simplifies things.

I’m a bit puzzled, though, about what’s “dehumanizing” about the described offenses. They sound pretty damn human to me.

Bucky Barkingham | October 25, 2017 at 11:21 am

Perhaps this story illustrates another reason that the Clinton-Trump Dossier scandal has suddenly become the big news story, to crowd out the embarrassing details of the conduct of LibDem pols and their big contributors.

Well, it appears that the left has finally realized that their racial, cultural and religious discrimination strategy is not working very well. Now they are embarking upon a sexual harassment strategy to divide and destabilize this country.

While sexual harassment, and even sexual assault, does occur in our society, to listen to the media and the women they bring forth one would have to assume that every man is a rapist pig and every woman is a weak coward. That every glance, comment and touch, which a woman decides she did not like, even if she decides this years later, is sexual harassment. Remember the spate of sexual harassment complaints that arose, in the 1990s, from women who complained that men paying attention to women, other than them, in the workplace was sexual harassment against them?

But, as I mentioned, this has little to do with actual sexual harassment or assault. It is all about dividing people into diverse, hostile groups to destabilize this nation. And it finds willing participants who are eager to cash in on “me-too” status.

Although there seem to be a lot of jackasses in Sacramento, there’s also an elephant in the room, and I am just waiting for some Democrat to have the nerve to mention it.

There is a nasty subculture of adultery that has been an open secret in DC and a complete non-secret in Hollywood (anybody remember “Valley of the Dolls?”). So it is in Sacramento, too.

I yawn in their general direction.

The elephant is the enthusiastic and determined participation by women in this nasty subculture. They do it, and they encourage it.

I was at a bar conference several years back, when some a$$hole woman lectured the group on how, to encourage young women lawyers, older male lawyers must take a personal interest and a social interest in them. She put up a slide about a proper “mentorship” program that looked a whole lot like the recipe for adultery in the book “Not Just Friends.”

I recognized the slide because I had just read the book. My ex-husband was at the time involved in an adulterous affair with his “mentee.”

Tiger Woods got into trouble because the women his clients brought to entertain their own clients would throw themselves at him. The news stories described him as “catnip.”

Long before all of this, I knew two different women who had female roommates that came to DC with the intent to have an affair with and elected official, and they did just that. Monica Lewinsky, with her jokes about getting her presidential kneepads in anticipation of her internship in DC, was not unusual.

Recall the quote by Henry Kissinger, “power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.” This was the reaction of an intelligent, ethical man who had never enjoyed excessive female attention suddenly being inundated with offers at a time in his life when he knew what physical attractiveness he had was tapering off.

And yet, the Democratic talking heads derided Mike Pence for having a rule of no private eating or drinking with a woman, absent his wife’s presence.

The popular discussion right now is just another extension of the overall attempt to blame old, white men for every evil that has ever happened in this country. It is unrealistic, and fundamentally dishonest. For those reasons, it will peak and disappear with no effect.

Several million years ago (1975) I did an internship in Sacramento for a California Assemblyman who was a Democrat (duh) and a powerful committee chair. Back then the legislature was still a good old boy’s club. Governor Moonbeam had a mattress and Linda Ronstadt to keep it warm. My boss tried his best to keep up. And he was far from alone in this endeavor. Some of the women on staff appeared pleased by the attention, a few did not. I doubt the libidos of members of the California legislature have changed all that much since.

A whole bevy? That’s a lot!

Democrats must have terrible bedside manner. Hardly any of them seem to be able to make love without somebody claiming rape.

Just as I suspected, this is being used by progressive women to advance their careers. Looks like the feminists were right all along: rape really is about power.