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Black Student Activists at Columbia Want College Republicans Defunded

Black Student Activists at Columbia Want College Republicans Defunded

“They ‘oppose our humanity’”

If you can’t beat ’em, destroy ’em.

The College Fix reports:

Black student activists demand defunding of College Republicans: They ‘oppose our humanity’

If you invite speakers we call white supremacists, you aren’t worthy of receiving student government money funded by your own fees.

That’s the crux of the argument by the Black Students’ Organization at Columbia University against the College Republicans chapter, citing its invitation of Internet personality Mike Cernovich, author of the masculinity guide “Gorilla Mindset” and popularizer of the “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory, and Tommy Robinson, founder of the anti-Islam English Defence League.

The Columbia Daily Spectator reports that the BSO brought a proposal before the Student Governing Board to block the CRs from receiving future funding; the club received $4,640 last year:

“We do not support, in any capacity, giving a platform to beliefs that blatantly oppose our livelihood and humanity, and especially not in the name of intellectual diversity,” BSO said in its proposal. The group also sought support from other student organizations, asking for participation in a “Columbia Coalition Against White Supremacy.”

Cernovich is scheduled to speak tonight; Robinson’s Skype-delivered speech earlier this month drew continuous disruptions, leading an administrator to promise disciplinary action against students who disrupted.


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The Friendly Grizzly | October 31, 2017 at 11:07 am

A Dean with guts would tell them that if they don’t like it, there are many other colleges out there to attend. Grambling, Fisk, and Morehouse come to mind.

So, the Black Student’s Organizations are Nazis then, right?

johnnycab23513 | October 31, 2017 at 12:15 pm

Race based groups like HIS should be refunded and barred from campus!

“Don’t know much about history….” or anything else for that matter.

Ferr shurr…. Kick out the party of Lincoln, the party that spearheaded the abolition of slavery, that fought AGAINST the slavery-loving Dixiecrat Plantation/Slave owners, the party who voted FOR the Civil Rights Act in greater percentage than the Democrat majority did and without whose support the act Civil Rights Act never would have passed.

Embrace instead the party of Plantations, Jim Crow, Separate But (not!) Equal, that rejected Blacks at the public schoolhouse doors, the party that created its own domestic terrorist, enforcement organization — the KKK that killed Blacks and the REPUBLICAN civil rights workers trying to ensure Blacks were indeed equal under the law, the party of separate lunch counters, movie theaters and drinking fountains, the party of police dogs and water hoses used against peaceful civil rights protesters.

Yup, them be the folks you want and, sadly, seem to deserve.

Make sure y’all have Separate But Equal dorms, too, based upon the color of your skin so you can continue proudly (if not also monumentally ignorantly) the fulfillment of MLK, Jr’s dream.

What this lacks in dumb it makes up for in stupid.

“‘We do not support, in any capacity, giving a platform to beliefs that blatantly oppose our livelihood and humanity, and especially not in the name of intellectual diversity,’ BSO said in its proposal.”

These “anti-fascist” fascists always have it exactly backwards, don’t they. If the leftards had a “national” sport it would be projection. But I know where they’re getting it from. From the “father” of the 1960s, one of the cultural Marxists* of the Frankfurt School.

“Herbert Marcuse: Repressive Tolerance”

*If you think it’s strange that I call these people both fascist and Marxist you haven’t thought things through. There was never a dime’s worth of difference between a Nazi and a Stalinist. You could only tell Stalin’s Gulag guards and Hitler’s concentration camp guards apart by their uniforms. These “elites” in the vanguard of the revolution all had the same mentality and worldview.

Why do these black student appropriate white culture and attend universityies at all.that is not an African cultural thing

I’m for equality … defund everyone … let ’em stand on their own two feet or let ’em fall on their face.