Most people on the left don’t understand why anyone is conservative but conservative women truly baffle them.

The Daily Caller reports:

College Course Wonders Why Women Are Becoming More Conservative

Amherst College in Massachusetts is offering a fall 2017 course to try to figure out why women are becoming more conservative.

The course, entitled “Contemporary Debates: Women and Right-Wing Populism,” will “explore the consequences of neoliberalism, cultural conservatism, Islamophobia, and anti-immigrant sentiments for women of different social and economic strata as well as women’s divergent political responses,” according to the course description.

The college says students will delve into the topic of why some women have chosen to become conservative leaders while others have allied with liberal, anti-racist and progressive causes.

Campus Reform also noticed the hilarity of the course’s description and wrote about it on Thursday.

The course will look at whether transnational influences have affected women’s activism and will also examine what impact the surge of “far right” women has had and will have on both gender and sexuality.