This sort of garbage has no place in higher education. It’s not academic, it’s pure political indoctrination.

The Daily Caller reports:

Ohio State Workshop Tells Students Only Whites Can Be Racists

An Ohio State University workshop warned white students about their privilege and told them that only whites can be racist.

A Tuesday seminar offered handy “Tips & Tools for White People,” the College Fix reports.

The university’s website announced the event with the promise that students would be shown how to “develop a personal plan of action to interrupt racism,” but, because only white students had any need to develop such a plan, only white students were encouraged to attend.

Of the 20 students at the workshop, 19 were white. One African-American student attended as an observer while a College Fix reporter recorded the proceedings.

The workshop attempted to demonstrate that race, power and prejudice are the “ingredients” that produce racism. This is why white people alone can be racist, explained Angie Wellman, because they wield power in society while non-whites do not.

The black student in attendance asked Wellmann, who is the associate director of the Student Life Multicultural Center at Ohio State, whether that meant that white people had a monopoly on racist attitudes. Wellman said, Of course it did.