Just so it’s clear, Democrat elected officials in Washington State were targeting the College Republicans at Washington State. The school president said no.

The College Fix reports:

University president refuses Democrats’ demand to shut down College Republicans

Kirk Schulz ignored the repeated misspelling of his name in a poorly written letter from censorious state lawmakers and took the high road.

The president of Washington State University rebuffed calls from a dozen House and Senate Democratic members to derecognize its College Republicans chapter because of its controversial former leader and the club’s provocative campus activism.

In a letter to House Higher Education Committee Vice-Chair Gerry Pollet published by The Daily Evergreen but not available from his own page, Schulz didn’t even mention the CRs as the target of derecognition until the end, in a section that begins “several facts [that] need to be clarified”:

The WSU College Republicans, both its student leadership and the organization as a whole, have officially stated its then President [sic] did not represent the registered student organization in his appearace in Charlottesville [at the “Unite the Right” rally]. The student has officially stepped down from his leadership role in the WSU College Republicans. No state funds, student funds, or university resources were used to facilitate that student’s appearance.