Theme parties are a big no-no in higher ed these days. Anything can be read into them.

The College Fix reports:

UVA fraternity’s ‘cops and robbers’ party ripped for ‘encouraging racist conduct’

The University of Virginia chapter of the Delta Psi fraternity came under fire last week for throwing a “cops and robbers” themed party.

The social media outrage machine complained the frat could be viewed as “encouraging racist conduct” by asking attendees to wear police or prisoner attire, according to The Cavalier Daily.

With word out about the gig, student protesters showed up to confront partygoers … eventually leading to the fraternity calling the police.

The group U.Va. Students United posted its grievances on its Facebook page:

The members of the frat wore orange jumpsuits, with bandanas tied around their heads, chains, and tattoos drawn on their arms. These “costumes” make a joke of mass incarceration and the prison-industrial complex, systems that disproportionately brutalize people of color.

The predominantly white members of this fraternity got to take their costumes off at the end of the night, people trapped in the prison system do not. The women wore “sexy” cop outfits complete with hats and badges, some inexplicably had tear drop tattoos drawn on their face. Historically, the police have justified violence against people of color in the name of protecting white women, and in wearing these costumes, these women made a joke of that legacy of violence.