It’s so stupid that this is still an issue. What in the world does Berkeley not get about free speech?

The Daily Caller reports:

UC Berkeley Cuts Number Of Students Able To Hear Ben Shapiro By Half

The University of California, Berkeley cut the number of students able to hear Ben Shapiro speak September 14 by half, Shapiro’s sponsor announced Tuesday.

UC Berkeley will only allow 1,042 out of 1,978 of the venue’s seats to be filled, despite more than 2,500 individuals confirming their interest in attending Shapiro’s lecture, according to Young America’s Foundation (YAF), the speaker’s sponsor.

“I’ve never heard of anything like it before,” said Shapiro to The Daily Caller News Foundation. “We paid an extra $15,000 security fee, and now they’re not even issuing tickets and they’re restricting the venue. Berkeley should have stated that everything would proceed as normal — that the event would take place using normal ticket channels, with the venue open as normal, and that they’d provide security necessary to achieve that goal.”

“That would put an end to the heckler’s veto. They won’t, and so they’re encouraging Antifa and other violent groups to make it too expensive for Berkeley to do the right thing.”