Isn’t it wonderful how some people in academia are working to bring the American people together?

The Daily Caller reports:

America Is Now Besieged By Pathological ‘White Fragility,’ Taxpayer-Funded Professor Claims

A taxpayer-funded education professor at the University of Iowa has published an article declaring that “white neurosis and white fragility” have become “widespread phenomena” in the United States in the wake of the 2016 election.

The professor is Leslie Ann Locke.

The article, titled “What’s in your wallet? Not much green, but a whole lotta white,” appears in the academic journal Whiteness and Education.

Also, there is an academic journal called Whiteness and Education. It focuses on advancing “critical understandings of the construction and deployment of Whiteness in educational contexts.”

Locke questions “white norms and values” in the article, according to Campus Reform.

The “white neurosis” Locke believes is gripping America is a disorder which causes white people to behave “defensively, aggressively, or defectively” when someone brings up “white privilege.”

“White neurosis” resembles “white fragility,” Locke explains. “White fragility” is a term which describes the way white people “freak out” when someone like Locke suggests they benefit from “white privilege.”