Last spring when liberals were storming town hall meetings and angrily yelling at Republican congressmen, the images were unavoidable. All the networks, even FOX News, showed them for all the country to see.

NFL fans who are angry about players kneeling during the national anthem haven’t been so lucky.

Michael McCarthy writes at Sporting News:

Why didn’t TV networks show angry, booing NFL fans Sunday or Monday?

With President Donald Trump’s attacks against protesting NFL players still reverberating, the league’s TV partners decided to air live coverage of the national anthem before Week 3 games. Those partners left out a key element of the coverage: crowd shots of angry fans.

Networks typically do not televise the national anthem except for the Super Bowl and other special occasions, but they recognized there would be intense viewer interest this past weekend.

Some fans, if they reacted at all, happily clapped and cheered during protests, but others did not, and they angrily let their home teams know it. The audio mics picked up the boos. Yet the TV networks mostly avoided crowd shots Sunday, so there was never a chance for viewers to see fans jeering players.

A segment of Patriots fans in Foxborough, Mass., for example, nearly booed their own players off the field when some Pats sat or kneeled, with some screaming, “Stand up!”

This is the video McCarthy refers to:

That happened in true blue Massachusetts. You would think that’s newsworthy. As many people have pointed out over the years, media bias is just as much about what isn’t covered.

I guess we have to give kudos to ABC News for at least sharing this on Twitter:

Featured image via YouTube.