There is a very real anti-Israel bias in American academia. It’s good that this case is being looked into.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

U. Maryland Investigating Termination of Pro-Israel Professor

The non-renewal of a longtime University of Maryland professor’s contract is being investigated by the school’s Office of Civil Rights and Sexual Misconduct as an incident of retaliation and “religious, political, or national origin discrimination,” the Washington Free Beacon has learned.

Melissa Landa, an assistant clinical professor at the College of Education for more than 10 years who also did her Phd at UM, was let go this summer by the Teaching and Learning, Policy and Leadership department chair and associate chair, Francine Hultgren and John O’Flahavan.

The contract non-renewal came after Landa filed a complaint in February with the grievance board challenging Hultgren and O’Flahavan’s decision to remove her from the language arts instruction team in May 2016, according to a recent report by UM’s the Diamondback.

According to Kenneth Waltzer, executive director of the Academic Engagement Network—an academic free speech group whose inaugural conference Landa spoke at in May and of which she is an active member—Landa was targeted for her pro-Israel activism.

“Long before she filed a grievance, she was aggrieved,” he said. “I know that when they learned she was active outside the department on behalf of opposing wacko ideas about Israel, their attitude toward her changed.”