What a surprise. Is there any wonder why enrollment is also tanking?

The Daily Caller reports:

Shocker: Students And Professors At Mizzou Are Generally Miserable, Survey Finds

A survey released this week by University of Missouri shows that 40 percent of all students and 60 percent of all professors have strongly considered leaving the school for happier campuses with better social and professional atmospheres.

Officials at the taxpayer-funded school engaged Rankin & Associates Consulting, a company out of Pennsylvania, to conduct the survey last year, reports the Columbia Daily Tribune.

Three out of every five Mizzou professors admitted that they had seriously contemplated finding work elsewhere in the past year. The unfulfilled faculty members mainly cited low salaries and insufficient support from administrators.

Meanwhile, about two out of every five students at Mizzou say they have considered bailing for greener pastures because they feel a “lack of a sense of belonging” and a “climate not welcoming.”

The Rankin survey on campus attitudes, conducted in the fall of 2016, was broad. The consulting firm received 9,952 responses, which is approximately 22 percent of all students and employees at the school.

“Arguably, the last two years have been some of the most challenging in Mizzou’s 178-year history,” University of Missouri chancellor Alexander Cartwright said, according to the Daily Tribune. “Going into this survey, university leaders knew that some of the feedback would be difficult to hear.”