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Surprisingly High Percentage of Harvard Freshmen Identify as Bisexual

Surprisingly High Percentage of Harvard Freshmen Identify as Bisexual

How curious…

Compared to the population of the United States, the numbers are stunningly high.

The Daily Caller reported:

Bisexuals 400% More Prevalent In Harvard Freshmen Than General Population

Bisexuals are at least 400 percent more prevalent in Harvard University’s incoming class of freshmen than they are in the general population.

While approximately 1.8 percent of the general United States population identifies as bisexual, 7.9 percent of Harvard’s Class of 2021 says they are bisexual.

This sexual orientation disparity is not the only one revealed by Harvard’s freshman survey. The Ivy League school’s percentage of admitted bisexual students has grown over the past four years. Bisexuals comprised 2.5 percent of Harvard’s 2017 class, 2.6 percent in the 2018 class, 4.9 percent in the 2019 class, and 5.7 percent in the 2020 class.

The percentage of heterosexuals admitted hovered around 90 percent for the classes of 2017 and 2018, but has since fallen to 82.4 percent.


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Probably receive more grant money that way?

Is sexual identity disclosed (directly or impliedly) to the harvard admissions committee?

This begs the question: is harvard intending to increase admissions to people who identify as bisexual? No surprise if they did.

Just 1-2 people in the admissions department giving preferences for essentially tribal reasons would explain this.

So now instead of just being a credential for SJW indoctrination that any sane employer regards as poison a Harvard degree is now becoming a marker for sexual confusion as well? Students sure get a lot for four years and the price of a house. Too bad none of it has positive value.

University has a reputation for attracting confused people. Kind of like a mental institution.

I’m surprised the number’s not higher, for two reasons:

1. It costs absolutely nothing to mark the box identifying oneself as bisexual, even if every single person to whom one has heretofore felt any attraction at all has been of a single sex. It can help ones college career (if only marginally), it doesn’t limit ones dating options, and who knows, in four years anything might happen.

2. There’s a lot of reason to suppose that if truth be told a lot of people, perhaps even most people, are at least somewhat capable of being attracted to members of both sexes, they just don’t let themselves consciously recognize or acknowledge it.