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“Stand With Melissa” Campaign Started for Fired Pro-Israel U. Maryland Prof

“Stand With Melissa” Campaign Started for Fired Pro-Israel U. Maryland Prof

Fighting back.

Former students of Professor Melissa Landa of the University of Maryland have already spoken out on her behalf, claiming she shouldn’t have been fired.

Now a support campaign has been launched.

From the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington website:

Professor Melissa Landa strongly believes that anti-Semitism and anti-Israel bias contributed to the termination of her contract with the University of Maryland College of Education.

Join the JCRC of Greater Washington as we call on University President Wallace Loh to oversee a full and complete investigation to determine the extent to which anti-Semitism and/or anti-Israel bias played a role in Professor Landa’s termination.


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Where’s the beef? The linked article says nothing about the prof’s connection, if any, to Israel. To the contrary, it solely focuses on how her students “learned about the roots of racial bias” from her. As best I can tell, she was just another campus SJW, and anytime a campus SJW loses her job that is a gain for America.

    Your “SJW” assumptions are entirely wrong. Other articles list how she created and led an education abroad program in Israel, and raised money to ensure student participation. She set up a new student exchange program for teachers-in-training, between her university and a Tel Aviv institute.

Must be something with the name Melissa