The academic left is going to beat this drum for the next four to eight years, no matter what happens. Their minds are made up.

Campus Reform reported:

Cornell hosts symposium on ‘xenophobia in the Age of Trump’

A recent Cornell University panel addressed “xenophobia in the Age of Trump,” with one panelist using the platform to take shots at conservatives and “the West.”

The September 8 panel, titled “Racial Politics and Xenophobia in the Age of Trump and Brexit,” featured professors from three international universities, among whom were University of Cambridge Professor Priyamvada Gopa, University of Naples Professor Miguel Mollino, and New York University Professor Arun Kundnani.

Of the three, Kundnani spoke the at the greatest length regarding President Trump’s rise to power and the cultural phenomena that won him the White House.

According to Kundnani, while most attribute Trump’s success either to the “economic inequality” or “racial identity” of the white-working class, he suggested that “identity and economics can’t so easily be distinguished because identity categories like whiteness can come to stand in for economic categories like class.”

“So race is never just about itself. What whiteness offers today is a way to connect rage of the failures of capitalism over the past few years to a story of white victimhood,” he continued, positing that “the majority of white people who voted for Trump” did so “because they thought his white victimhood rhetoric meant that he would help them cope with neoliberalism.”

He went on to add that “neoliberalism,” or a support for free-market capitalism, and racism “are tightly woven together in a society like the United States.”

Leading up to his analysis of Trump’s election, Kundnani addresses how “Islamophobia” fits into the “culture of racism in the United States,” inferring that the United States often uses Muslims as a scapegoat for its violent military actions.