The names of campus buildings at Virginia Tech was a non-issue a month ago. Now it’s super important. Don’t people see how this is just posturing?

Red Alert Politics reports:

Virginia Tech president demands review of all campus building names

Virginia Tech President Tim Sands wants to order a review of all the building names on campus to ensure that they’re not named after Confederate leaders and generals.

According to the Collegiate Times, Sands has initiated an effort to examine and review the legacy of Confederates on Virginia Tech’s campus. In their report, Tracy Vosburgh, senior associate vice president for university relations, revealed that Sands has directed Menah Pratt-Clarke, vice president for strategic affairs and vice provost for inclusion and diversity, to lead the review.

“[Pratt-Clarke will] convene a committee to review the historical naming of buildings and spaces where questions have been raised,” Vosburgh wrote.

The move by Sands comes less than a month after the violence that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia where 35-year-old Heather Heyer was killed when a car, driven by white supremacist James Alex Fields, plowed through a crowd of counter-protesters marching against the Confederate statue of Robert E. Lee. Since that incident, a number of university presidents have ordered a review or removal of Confederate statues.

While Virginia Tech lacks a Confederate memorial, they have several buildings named after people –McBryde, Vawter, and Lane halls — who fought for the Confederacy and later went on to contribute to the university.

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