Based on what we know about Yale, doesn’t that number seem a little low?

Campus Reform reports:

POLL: 75 percent of Yale professors identify as liberal

A recent survey shows that nearly 75 percent of Yale University faculty members identify as liberals, while a paltry 10 percent claim to be conservative.

According to the study conducted by The Yale Daily News, 34 percent of faculty respondents claimed they were “somewhat liberal,” with another 41 percent identifying as “very liberal.”

Meanwhile, 18 percent identified as “moderate,” eight percent as “conservative,” and just two percent said they were “very conservative.”

The study also found that a staggering 90 percent of Yale faculty, including majority of conservative professors, oppose the Trump administration.

“We talk about diversity in every area of the university except the one that counts, and that’s intellectual diversity,” political science Professor Steven Smith told the Daily News, adding that universities at their core “are basically and fundamentally devoted to the study and investigation of ideas.”

Similarly, Professor David Gelernter, a former candidate for science advisor in President Trump’s administration, expressed surprise that his colleagues didn’t lean even more to the left.

“Students who leave the academic world run a chance, at least, of discovering new approaches to the world and turning conservative,” he explained. “But those who stay within academia tend to keep thinking what they’ve been taught to think.”