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Panel at Brown University Convinced White Supremacy is Everywhere

Panel at Brown University Convinced White Supremacy is Everywhere

“a fantasy created by American slaveholders”

Progressives don’t want racism to end. They wouldn’t have a purpose in life if it did.

The College Fix reports:

Brown University panel: White supremacy is NOT a ‘marginal, leftover fringe ideology’

Wednesday evening played host to yet another post-Charlottesville academic confab, this time at Brown University where “contextualized issues” surrounding the tragedy were examined.

Much like how liberal academics lecture us today that a belief in “color blindness” is racist and how racism isn’t dying, it’s just become more covert (and hence, more insidious), Brown panelist Tricia Rose claimed that white supremacy is not a “marginal” thing, nor a “leftover fringe ideology” which is “limited to the extremist display” witnessed in Charlottesville.

“In fact, most white supremacy is very civil,” the Africana Studies professor and director of the Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in America said.

Other panelists were on the same page, natch.

The Brown Daily Herald reports History Professor Emily Owens added that the “‘march on Charlottesville relies on’ a memory based on a fantasy created by American slaveholders of a perfect system of enslavement.”

And on it went:

The anti-Semitism at the march, such as swastikas and the slogan “blood and soil,” displayed hatred against black and brown people as well as Jewish people, Dean of the College Maud Mandel said. Recently, scholars have been more commonly exploring the similarities of the “racial hierarchical formulation” of anti-Semitism, colonialism and Islamophobia, she said.

In light of President Donald Trump’s recent decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, Assistant Professor of American Studies Monica Muñoz Martinez addressed the historical marginalization of Mexicans and the need to consider not only how groups are being treated within the United States, but also at its border.


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