You just know some group is going to defy this ban and stage a building protest. The school is practically daring students to do it.

The College Fix reports:

Ohio University bans protests inside campus buildings

Ohio University announced yesterday a new policy — somewhat ironically titled “Freedom of Expression” — which bans protests and other activist activities inside campus buildings.

The new “interim basis” rules officially were announced this past Tuesday, although they had been in place since the middle of August.

According to The Post, the policy makes more specific the bans on “demonstrations, rallies, public speech-making, picketing, sit-ins, marches, protests, and similar assemblies” inside (university) buildings. A campus press release says this is “a continuation of a ‘long-standing prohibition of demonstrations and sit-ins inside buildings.’”

In March, a judge exonerated student protesters who had occupied OU’s Baker Center the month before, citing no existing school policy which forbade their actions.

The policy also states “students may reserve space indoors to participate in ‘constitutionally protected speech’ and activities.”