I’m going to assume this is because they don’t want students who support Trump to put signs in their windows.

Why wasn’t this a problem for the last eight years?

Red Alert Politics reports:

Unconstitutional: Ohio State bans students from putting art, flags, and messages on their windows

Ohio State University has banned students from posting signage on their dorm room windows, a longtime tradition of political and cultural expression.

The new rule states that windows must remain clear from obstruction. This outlaws sticky notes, banners, flags, posters, and the like. Last year, students got creative expressing their views about political candidates and Harambe the gorilla, and even displayed pleas to “send pizza.”

Ohio State will no longer tolerate this type of window expression, per new handbook guidelines issued by the office of Student Life. However, just last year, Dave Isaacs, spokesman for the Office of Student Life, told the campus newspaper, “I am continually impressed by the creativity of Ohio State students. Although, we do hope that our students use this unique feature to highlight messages that are positive and not offensive or in poor taste.”

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) says the blanket ban on all hangings and posting is within the university’s rights, while selectively enforcing the rule would put the universities in legal trouble.

Not everyone agrees, however. Moritz College of Law professor emeritus David Goldberger, who specializes in constitutional law, called the ban “just ridiculous.”

“A flat-out ban is probably more than they can do,” he told The Lantern. “It is one thing for the university to be concerned about racist or inappropriate messages that would legitimately interfere with an educational environment … but a flat ban? Does that mean that you can’t display the American flag?”