It’s that time again; time for pumpkin spiced everything, college football, candy corn, and cheesy political ads.

As we enter campaign season, we have an early contender for worst political ad ever. Though it’s no “I’m not a witch” (still my favorite), this one is so very terrible in other ways.

Dan Helmer, Democrat, is running for Congress in Virginia’s 10th district. An army veteran, Helmer appears to be running as a centrist Democrat (even though he’s defending Planned Parenthood?). Helmer’s running against Republican incumbent, Rep. Barbara Comstock.

Helmer’s first ad is a pitiful over wrought reference to Top Gun. WARNING: By clicking play, the viewer acknowledges forfeiture of 1:47 of their life which they will likely regret spending; 1:47 lost forever.

Because the ad was mocked in every corner of the web, the Helmer camp released a slightly less terrible ad, attempting to make light of the first one:

One school of thought always suggests that all press is good press (with this I do not agree), but now you know who Helmer is, so I supposed there’s that? Too bad for Helmer he’s also “Helmer? Oh yeah, isn’t he the guy in the bad Top Gun homage?”

It’s still early, but Helmer’s first ad is hereby an official Worst Political Ad Ever: 2018 Edition nominee. Maybe we’ll do a reader poll eventually.

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