Monday, President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met to discuss Iran and peace in the Middle East.

Trump hopes to find a way to assist in the brokering a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians, saying it would be “a fantastic achievement”.

From the Jerusalem Post:

US President Donald Trump reiterated his commitment on Monday to reaching an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal, saying before his meeting here with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that “I think that there is a good chance that it could happen.”

Tellingly, Trump spoke only about the Palestinians during his very brief words of greeting to Netanyahu at New York’s Palace Hotel, and did not mention the Iranian situation – the issue which Netanyahu wants to focus on.

“I really believe peace between the Palestinians and Israel would be a fantastic achievement,” the American president said. “We are giving it an absolute go. I think there is a good chance it could happen; most people would say there is no chance whatsoever. I actually think that with the ability of Bibi, and frankly with the other side, I really think we have a chance.”

Asked at the end of the photo opportunity whether he wants to see a one-state or two-state solution, Trump said only, “We are talking about it a lot.”

His only reference to Iran came when a reporter shouted out a question about his administration’s policy on the 2015 nuclear deal, and he said it would become clear “very soon.”

Netanyahu opened his remarks saying that under Trump’s leadership the alliance between Israel and the US “has never been stronger, never been deeper.” This is the case “in ways people see, and in ways they don’t see,” he added.

The prime minister said he wanted to discuss with Trump “what you rightly call the ‘terrible nuclear deal with Iran,’” as well as “how to roll back Iran’s growing aggression in the region, especially in Syria.”

In a briefing with reporters afterward, Netanyahu said that the Iranian issue was dealt with in depth, and that both Jerusalem and Washington see the issue from a similar vantage point.

This, he said, was in contrast to the situation under President Barack Obama, who saw Iran as a solution to the problems in the Middle East. Trump, he said, sees Iran as the problem.

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