Shouldn’t the focus here be on science and not promoting identity politics?

Campus Reform reports:

Feds pay $8M+ to promote ‘diversity’ in STEM

The National Science Foundation recently issued 27 new grants totaling more than $8 million to promote “diversity and inclusion” in STEM fields.

On Monday, the agency announced the launch of 27 new “diversity and inclusion” projects funded through grants of roughly $300,000 each through its NSF INCLUDES program, which seeks to develop STEM talent “from all sectors and groups in our society.”

Founded by Congress in 1950, the NSF is a federal agency that seeks to promote the “progress of science” by funding research, according to its website. Bobbie Mixon, the Senior Public Affairs Officer at the NSF, confirmed to Campus Reform that the grants collectively cost American taxpayers a total of “$8,083,298.”

Of these grants, many were explicitly made to fund projects that target racial and ethnic minority populations.

One project, led by professor David Auckly of Kansas State University, aims to promote math skills among Native Americans through the promotion of the “Navajo Nation Math Circle model,” which incorporates “indigenous knowledge systems” into math education in public schools.

“Math circles will work with [indigenous people] to include cultural activities; this helps engage the participants. The main thing math circles do is engage and inspire participants to have fun exploring mathematical problem,” Professor Auckly told Campus Reform.

Your tax dollars at work.