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Librarian at NYU Endorses Antifa Violence

Librarian at NYU Endorses Antifa Violence

“On Antifa and Social Justice Struggle”

It’s astounding how many people on the left are not only not denouncing Antifa, but are instead justifying it.

The Daily Caller reports:

NYU Librarian Endorses Antifa Violence As Necessary For Social Justice

A New York University librarian wrote an essay earlier this month endorsing and justifying political violence from the far-left extremist movement, Antifa, praising it as “vitally worth doing.”

Writing on her personal website, former corporate litigator and current Scholarly Communications Librarian at NYU April Hathcock wrote that she “doesn’t care” about the violence conducted by members of Antifa because it’s for the greater good of social justice.

In her essay, titled “On Antifa and Social Justice Struggle,” Hathcock decries “white supremacists and other Trumpsters” for condemning Antifa (whom she refers to as “anti-fascist resistance groups”) for their violence — aimed mainly against white men.

“Apparently, some of their tactics have involved violence,” writes Hathcock, whose essay was first highlighted on Campus Reform Thursday. “I don’t know, I haven’t been keeping tabs on all their actions. But I have seen all the finger-wagging hot-take think pieces from both sides of the political divide.”

“And to be quite honest, I just don’t care,” she says. “I don’t care what or how Antifa is fighting oppression. I’m more interested in the age-old narrative emerging here in which the oppressed are only allowed to fight oppression in ways deemed acceptable by the oppressor. This is a tone-policing tale as old as time.”


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She can break bread with the equally deranged elementary librarian.

I wonder how this librarian will feel when they break in and start burning the books in ‘her’ library that don’t support their ideology? Historically, that is what fascists do.

This is the attitude that enabled Hitler to murder 12 million innocents and Communists to murder 100+ million people. I can see this librarian throwing enemy babies into bonfires.