I saw no less than forty different takes lambasting former White House Press Secretary’s Sunday Night Emmy cameo.

The award show, its attendees, and the media covering this self-aggrandizing party, which is now drenched in left-leaning politics, was shocked, SHOCKED! that Spicer would show his face in such a venue, let alone be somewhat funny.

Given the headlines, I assumed Spicer had a fairly lengthy sketch and said some relatively harsh things to have drawn the ire he received. And then I watched the clip. Spicer wheeled out a likeness of the White House Press podium and uttered one line. Just one.

“This will be the largest audience to witness an Emmys. Period. Both in person and around the world,” Spicer said, joking about his defense of Trumps inauguration crowd size.

And yet, here’s how his cameo was treated by the press:


All the news that’s fit to print, or something:



Peak Slate

And the list goes on.

Not surprisingly, viewership of this year’s Emmys matched last year’s all-time low. But keep it up media bubbles. Nothing calls consumers to your cause like perpetually maligning, mocking, and crapping on half the country and hyperventilating over something as silly Spicer making fun of himself.

This, Dear Media, is why everyone hates you.

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