Hillary’s 3,476th reason for her embarrassing electoral loss is probably my favorite yet: THE PATRIARCHY! But just the white patriarchy.

While traipsing about the country peddling her version of the 2016 election, Hillary explained that white woman were under great pressure from their white fathers, husbands, and boyfriends not to vote for “the girl”.

From The Guardian:

Last week, Clinton, who has had a lifetime to contemplate the women’s vote, copped to having a theory. “[Women] will be under tremendous pressure – and I’m talking principally about white women. They will be under tremendous pressure from fathers and husbands and boyfriends and male employers not to vote for ‘the girl’,” she said in an interview as part of a tour promoting her new memoir of the 2016 campaign.

People might scoff at the idea that women vote based on what husbands and fathers tell them to do. And tens of millions of dollars in political messaging has been spent based on the assumption that women will vote collectively on equal pay, abortion, and other salient issues regarding women’s autonomy.

But social science backs up Clinton’s anecdotal hunch. “We think she was right in her analysis about women getting pressure from men in their lives, specifically [straight] white women,” said Kelsy Kretschmer, an assistant professor at Oregon State University and a co-author of a recent study examining women’s voting patterns.

“We know white men are more conservative, so when you’re married to a white man you get a lot more pressure to vote consistent with that ideology.”

Contrary to The Guardian’s editorializing here, in her full quote, Hillary blamed Sanders supporters, not conservatives, for excessive sexism during the presidential primaries:

And we saw a lot of that during the primaries from Sanders supporters, really quite vile attacks online against women who spoke out for me, as I say, one of my biggest support groups, Pantsuit Nation, literally had to become a private site because there was so much sexism directed their way.

Conservative or Socialist isn’t really the point here, Hillary is saying white women are far more easily swayed than any other ethnicity’s women, none of whom, presumably, had difficulty overcoming their overbearing male overlords to cast their ballot for “the girl”.

Of course, this assumption is not in any way tethered to reality where woman chose not to vote for Hillary because she was an awful candidate who rather patronizingly suggested women ought support her for no other reason than her womanhood.

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