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‘Freshman’ And ‘Upperclassman’ Replaced With Gender-Neutral Terms at Yale

‘Freshman’ And ‘Upperclassman’ Replaced With Gender-Neutral Terms at Yale

“students expressed a desire for ‘greater gender inclusivity’”

Left wing forces at Yale keep pushing, and the school keeps laying down for them.

The Daily Caller reports:

Yale Replaces ‘Freshman’ And ‘Upperclassman’ With Gender-Neutral Terms

Yale University announced Thursday it’s changing the terms “freshman” and “upperclassman” to “first-year” and “upper-level student” in official campus documents.

The university will make these changes in resources like its First-Year Handbook and Undergraduate Regulations, according to Yale Daily News. Yale started deliberating the language change in 2016 when students expressed a desire for “greater gender inclusivity,” reported Yale Daily News.

“It’s really for public, formal correspondence and formal publications…we’re not trying to tell people what language to use in their everyday casual conversations,” said Marvin Chun, Yale College’s dean, to Yale Daily News. “We’re not trying to be language police.”

Chun called the replacement terms “modern,” but noted he expects the Yale community to continue using the old terms “without feeling that anyone is out of compliance with an official policy” in a Thursday faculty email.

The Ivy League university is not the first institution to make such replacements. Emory University nixed “freshman” in 2015 and the University of North Carolina did the same in 2009. Several other colleges, such as Cornell University, Columbia University, Dartmouth College, and the University of Virginia also use “first-year.”


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When a school descends wholesale into rampant silliness of this sort, it’s often because of one new administrative hire, rather than a general decay of the institutional Zeitgeist. And that implies that there’s one name associated with this. Publication of that name might do some good.

On the other hand, maybe not; once the country learned that one person—Jamie Gorelick—was at the center of so many Clinton-era disasters, it didn’t inhibit her course of destruction to any useful degree.

Funny, I’ve been using a gender neutral term to describe those people for some time now.

UNDERgraduate will be next.
Perceived Positional Inferiority, can’t have that.

How sophomoric of them!