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Free College Proposal in Florida Comes With Strings Attached

Free College Proposal in Florida Comes With Strings Attached

There’s always a catch.

Here’s another reminder that there’s no such thing as free.

ABC Action News reports:

Proposed bill offers free college tuition in Florida… but there’s a catch

A new bill proposed on Monday by a South Florida representative calls for the state to pay the tuition costs of many Florida students at state colleges, but there’s a catch.

Rep. Shevrin D. Jones of West Park filed HB-181 which would create a program to cover the total cost of tuition for Florida residents whose household income is under $125,000 annually. The program is called the “Sunshine Scholarship Program.”

The catch? The Sunshine Scholarship Program would offer students free college tuition, if they agree to live and work in Florida after graduating.

If the bill passes, anyone who receives free college tuition as a part of the Sunshine Scholarship Program is required to live and work within the state for the same period of time he or she received funds from the program. If they chose to move or work outside of the state after graduation, they will be required to repay the total tuition cost, plus an annual interest rate equal to the federal student loan interest rate in effect when the student entered the program.


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Seems fair to me.

A good deal. They could always find work in a drug rehab or an STD clinic; great opportunity for your average HIV positive transgender student. Mental health should always be rewarded in kind.

Sorry, No. Too many people who shouldn’t be in college already, this will just increase that number. We don’t need to extend public high school another four years just so that some politician in south Florida can get re-elected.

This would make sense if it funded students in programs for which Florida had a dire need.

Just a few years ago, tuition was free or very inexpensive at public “land grant” colleges. (look up “land grant colleges-it’s worth reading) In recent years various fees and such made even public schools expensive, and during the bush recession, a lot of states cut funding for universities. Even with the economy improving over the past 2 or 3 years, funding has not been completely restored.