The leadership at ESPN seems to think it can change the way people think by injecting left wing politics into its coverage of professional sports. Instead, they are alienating sports fans, many of whom are conservatives, and destroying their brand at the same time.

Host Jemele Hill published a tweet on Tuesday, calling President Trump a white supremacist:

As a result, ESPN tweeted this statement:

You may recall that back in April, Curt Schilling was fired by ESPN for disagreeing with the progressive position on transgender people and bathrooms. The Daily Caller reported:

ESPN Fires Curt Schilling For Conservative Views

MLB legend and baseball analyst Curt Schilling was fired by ESPN Wednesday night for his conservative views.

Schilling shared a meme on Facebook that clearly showed he was against transgender individuals using bathrooms against their biological sex. The legendary pitcher was fired over the post with ESPN saying, “Curt Schilling has been advised that his conduct was unacceptable and his employment with ESPN has been terminated,”

The former Red Sox pitcher has been very open about his conservative views in the past. He was previously suspended by ESPN for comparing ISIS to the Nazis.

That was a bridge too far for ESPN, but one of their hosts calling President Trump a white supremacist causes… nothing?

Here’s another example of the double standard:

Tucker Carlson spoke to Clay Travis of FOX Sports about this and Travis explained what’s happening.

From the FOX News Insider:

‘Endless Stupid Political Nagging’: Tucker Blasts ESPN After Anchor Calls Trump a ‘White Supremacist’

Carlson called ESPN “Endless Stupid Political Nagging” and asked Fox Sports’ Clay Travis what he thought of Hill’s attack.

Travis said ESPN’s statement is another example of Hill’s politics “going all the way to the top.”

He said parent company Disney CEO Bob Iger and ESPN president John Skipper hold left-wing views, and that of the 59 people Iger follows on Twitter, Hill is one of them.

“They want left-leaning politics the forward facing front of ESPN,” going on to repeat Michael Jordan’s famed warning about mixing sports and politics, “Republicans buy sneakers too.”

Travis pointed out that when former Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka criticized President Obama in a much more minimal way, and announced his support for President Trump, he was fired from ESPN.

Here’s the video:

I’m reminded of this classic Iowahawk tweet:

Featured image via YouTube.

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