Making small children do this seems a bit extreme. In fact, it seems downright unfair.

WCTV News reported:

Local organization speaks out on teacher asking for a gender-neutral classroom

A lot of people are speaking out on Chloe Bressack requesting a gender neutral classroom at Canopy Oaks Elementary.

Bressack, a fifth grade math teacher, sent a letter home asking students to refer to Bressack as “them” and “they,” instead of saying “she,” “her,” “he,” or “him.”

Chris Sands with PFLAG, an organization of supporters of the LGBTQ community, says Bressack’s request is new to a lot of people.

He says pronouns are important to those who choose to be gender neutral, saying “To ignore their pronouns is to sort of erase a part of their identity. So, all they’re looking for is a little bit of acknowledgement.

“This is who I am, this is how I present myself to the world, I would like you to treat me with respect and use the title or the pronouns that I’ve asked you to,” Sands continued.

Sands also says Bressack’s fifth graders have the perfect opportunity to discuss what gender neutral is.

He says parents can talk to children about how some people don’t want to identify themselves by a specific sex.

Featured image screen capped from WCTV video.