Imagine a school announcing a plan to fight toxic femininity. It would be an outrage.

The Daily Caller reported:

Duke Recruits Men To Combat ‘Toxic Masculinity’

Duke University will launch the Duke Men’s Project for a second year this September in an effort to combat “toxic masculinity” and the harmful narratives about gender roles that circulate around campus.

The group will continue accepting applications until Wednesday, and hopes to receive a large number of male students interested in increasing “male allyship in gender equity and gender violence prevention,” according to its Facebook description.

The nine-week program, sponsored by the Duke Women’s Center, will include 15 male-identified students that will “unpack expressions of masculinity through a feminist lens.” The Project is meant to “call men in to conversations about feminism and gender oppression,” while creating “a space of brotherhood and fellowship dedicated to interrogating male privilege and patriarchy.”

The group says it wants to question and revise concepts of masculinity in order to provide healthier alternatives. Project members also claim that there is a “misinformed narrative that gender equity and feminism hurts men,” and that conversations about the appropriate limits of masculinity can empower men.