When it comes to unhinged behavior from rabid leftists, I’m rarely surprised.  Poop on a police car?  Ick, but it figures.  Set up “rape tents” at the kumbaya Occupy camps?  Sad, but it figures.  Aging has-been pop singer claiming she dreams of blowing up the White House?  Disgraceful, but it figures.  Antifa thugs attack random people accusing them of being Nazis?  Horrifying, but it figures.  You get the picture.  Leftist outrages are many and varied; hardly anything they say or do surprises, much less shocks, me.

But I was surprised to see the video of a California college student taking the MAGA hat off of a fellow student’s head, marching over to Student Life to “report” him, and then launching into one of the most irrational rants I’ve ever heard.  Frankly, it  shocked me.  But mostly, it saddened me.

Fox News reports:

President Trump’s popular “Make America Great Again” hats promote “laws and legislation that literally kill and murder in the masses, people of color,” a California college student is heard saying in a bizarre viral video rant where she pleads to campus staff to ban the student from wearing the red cap.

Edith Macias posted a Facebook video Wednesday showing her snatching the hat off of Matthew Vitale’s head during a meeting of student organizations at University of California, Riverside. The ensuing footage Vitale films of Macias arguing with him and staff in the school’s student life office shows workers with stunned looks on their faces as the scene unfolds in front of them. The video has more than 2 million views.

Perfectly exemplifying the fascistic leanings of the left, Macias demands that MAGA hats be banned from campus.

Fox News continues:

“F— your f—-ing freedom of speech, boy,” Macias says to Vitale. “Your freedom of speech is literally killing a lot of people out there. That’s what it is. Because you’re out there wearing hats like these that promote laws and legislations that literally kill and murder in the masses, people of color.”


Macias was completely incoherent.  Vitale’s MAGA cap apparently represents “genocide” and unspecified Trump “laws and legislation” that “literally kill” masses of people of color.

The Black Sphere has a partial transcript:

Man: You stole my property. My MAGA hat.

Woman: Look at the kind of sh*t he’s wearing. Lookit.

Man: (Disbelief) What you’re going to turn it into “student life”, what the hell’s your problem.

Woman: Hey uh…so this guy thought it would be a good idea to go into a conference, wearing this hat.

Man: With my freedom of speech you took my hat. This belongs to me.

Woman: Lookit the kinda sh*t he’s wearing…you know what this represents, this represents genocide. Genocide of a bunch of people, and look at what he’s wearing…(incredulous) in front of a group of people

Man: This is mine…this is mine, you do not get to keep other people’s property that is legally theirs in this country.

Woman: Well F*CK your laws. Alright. Do you have any type of conscience?

Man: Yes, I do.

Tucker Carlson did a segment on this incident and makes a salient point:  Macias didn’t land on these bizarre and unfounded claims on her own.  She was presumably educated in an American school system that is now shockingly, consistently, and virulently anti-American.  Her rage is not an outlier.


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