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Branco Cartoon – Taking a Knee


What time is on his wristwatch? Time to stop being a fan.
TY Mr. Branco.

Good Article:
In my youth, nothing thrilled me more than watching NFL games on those glorious Autumn Sundays. Easily my favorite sport, I was consumed with the National Football League. Its greatest moments were chronicled weekly by John Facenda, the man with the God-like voice, who’s narrations were so dramatic, he could almost make you believe the fate of the world rested on the outcome of every game, regardless of who was playing.

Those days are gone. The NFL, much like my country, has changed so radically I don’t recognize it anymore. My love of the game is now relegated to long-ago childhood memories.

Also passing me by, is my interest in other celebrity-oriented entertainment. The idea of sitting down to watch a movie in which the lead actor calls for the death of everyone who voted for Mr.Trump is repulsive to me. They literally wish harm on me and my family. Or watching a program where the lead calls for Trump’s assassination, or wants to punch him in the face, or claims the Trump-won states deserve the death and destruction visited upon them by recent hurricanes (BTW, Houston is overwhelmingly liberal and voted bigly for HC, but many of these Hollywoodenheads are completely ignorant about the very country that enriched them).

Comedians who I once thought funny, are now anything but. Entertainers I once admired, I now find disgusting. They piss and moan like spoiled children when they don’t get their way. And they live secluded from ordinary people, forgetting that they are actually businesspeople who need to appeal to All Americans to buy tickets to their movies, purchase their CD’s, and go to their concerts and stadiums.

Whether they like it or not they are businesspeople, they just don’t know how to behave like businesspeople. If they actually took the time to think, perhaps look at the red-soaked 2016 electoral college map, they might just realize how many of their customers they insult everytime somebody sticks a mic near their mouth.

63 million people voted Trump. Out of 3,142 US counties. 489 went to HC. 2,623 to MrT. That’s TWO THOUSAND, ONE HUNDRED, AND THIRTY FOUR MORE THAN HC. I know, I know, H had more total votes (2.9 mil), and that might be a more compelling argument if she actually had won this many more votes, but the fact is, voter fraud was rampant, with millions of illegals voting, many of whom openly admitting it.

Officials have discovered many other forms of voter fraud as well. Even at that, H won the uber-left People’s Republic of California (the greatest illegal voting, BTW) by 4.2 million – a state that has slid so far off the chart to the left, it collided with Hawaii. They can’t get any lefter, nor can they get any further from the political mainstream of the rest of the country.

There is a reign of terror going on now in the US from media-empowered lefties who seek to impose their most intrusive policies upon the rest of us. There are so many who live in fear, concealing their conservatism, lest they lose their jobs or suffer the wrath of their peers. This explains the wildly inaccurate presidential polling last year – people were not comfortable sharing their conservatism with pollsters for fear of the nasty, intolerant, and often times violent Soros-funded leftist thugs, right up to the moment they pulled the curtain and cast their votes in private.

The issue with today’s NFL has nothing to do with freedom of speech, because that is a contract between Government and the Governed, not between employers/employees, nor between citizens. These private industries CAN regulate speech spoken on Company time, by those wearing Company uniforms, on Company property (re NFL, I should say OUR property since it’s OUR tax dollars that fund the arenas in which these millionaires play).

-Starbucks’ CEO repeatedly shoveled his leftist politics on customers again and again and again. After Trump’s travel ban, he announced the hiring of immigrants only. So Americans voted with their wallets, and Starbucks has lost 24% of its brand value, and that CEO was cut. -Target has squandered 30% of its stockholders’ wealth, or $15 Billion, adopting far-left, pro-transgender policies. Now, they’re begging for people to come back, discounting everything. -Twitter went full-on SJW, and immediately lost tens of millions in ad revenue. -YouTube, fond of censoring conservatives, is now dealing with advertisers pulling out, and losing millions in ad revenue.

Liberals don’t learn. Two possibilities: 1) so out of touch with reality, it’s unimagineable that others don’t agree with them or, 2) they don’t care.

Can you imagine Sears, GM, or IBM disrespecting America’s National Anthem? Saying “screw you” to half the population, but still expecting everybody to continue buying their products? When MLB went on strike in 1994, it took all the way until 9-11, 2001 for fans to come back in numbers not seen since the early 90’s – and that was just a strike.

The NFL is dissing the POTUS, everyone who voted for him, all the veterans who’ve ever shed blood, lost limbs, or died for this country, all soldiers still overseas, away from their families, struggling on far-away battlefields, ALL people in law enforcement, all firemen, and many others who put their lives in jeopardy, so that these players, averaging $2 million a year, can commit career suicide, and deprive Americans of a brief moment of escapism every week from stressing out over Rocket-Man, or all the nuclear-tipped ICBM’s currently pointed at every major city in America.

I couldn’t have said it better.Thanks.

2nd Ammendment Mother | September 25, 2017 at 9:48 am

Branco nailed it….. going to be interesting to watch the ratings come in today.

We had several former soldiers at our house for Sunday dinner which usually includes a few hours of football. When the Steelers pulled their stunt, the TV was immediately shut off and they all headed outside to do other things. On the upside, I got my yard mowed and my neighbor got one of his fields prepped for planting.

When Limbaugh couldn’t be an owner because he was too controversial is when the NFL and every other pro sports franchise became dead to me. (Except NASCAR and golf, which I don’t have time to watch).

The NFL is a bunch of punks who couldn’t pass a 6th grade math test and who will be bankrupt in 6 years. Why anyone holds these people in high regards is a mystery to me.

The only people who ought “take a knee”, is Krapernick’s OL, right after he takes the snap.