Ben Shapiro spoke at UC Berkeley last night and to look at the campus prior to his arrival, you might have thought President Trump was coming to speak. There was a massive security presence and left wing students came out to protest.

You can see the police presence in the tweets below:

Attendees had to pass through a metal detector:

Outside the venue, student protesters wrongly labeled Shapiro a white supremacist:

Others displayed their ignorance by equating speech with violence:

There were also a few arrests:

Inside the hall, things went smoothly and Ben was able to speak without interruption. He was introduced by a member of the UC Berkeley Republicans and spoke for approximately 25 minutes, then took questions from the audience. Shapiro touched on all of the topics he normally addresses in such appearances.

The false premise of victimhood in the United States, the flawed argument of intersectionality, and also about the protests at Berkeley which tried to prevent him from speaking. You can watch some highlights below:

In this clip, Ben explains what the “Alt-Right” is and reminds people that he is no part of that:

If you want to watch the whole speech, the video below is cued to start at the 14 minute mark:

Featured image via YouTube.