This is the most creative excuse for Colin Kaepernick’s behavior so far.

The College Fix reports:

Prof: Colin Kaepernick just holding America accountable for ‘historical failure to honor Black life’

What’s the big deal about NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick not yet being signed by a team?

It shows how utterly racist the league — and America — remains, according to a Washington State University professor.

David Leonard of the school’s Critical Culture, Gender, and Race Studies Department says football, like racism, is a pastime “as American as processed apple pie.”

Leonard writes in Newsone that “[m]ost people were OK” with the fact that the NFL once permitted only whites to play, as football is “shaped by nationalism and Americans’ fetishization of a masculinity based in violence and conquest.”

The league’s 32 teams’ refusal (thus far) to sign Kaepernick “fits with the NFL’s business model,” which is a continuing “instrument of anti-Black racism.”