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UCLA Profs Try to Block Dennis Prager From Conducting Symphony on Campus

UCLA Profs Try to Block Dennis Prager From Conducting Symphony on Campus

“Please urge your friends to not attend this concert”

Two UCLA professors are trying to stop Dennis Prager from conducting a symphony on campus purely because they don’t like Prager’s conservative politics.

Campus Reform reports:

UCLA profs try to stop Prager from conducting symphony

Two University of California-Los Angeles professors are trying to derail an upcoming symphony performance because Dennis Prager will be the guest conductor.

A public letter signed by four members of the Santa Monica Symphony, including UCLA professors Michael Chwe and Andrew Apter, urges readers not to attend the August 16 concert, even implying that the signatories will personally refuse to participate.

“Please urge your friends to not attend this concert, which helps normalize bigotry in our community,” the professors plead, calling Prager “a right-wing radio host who promotes horribly bigoted positions” and adding that he “is not a trained conductor and there is no musical rationale for his participation.”

While the letter has been public since March, Prager brought it to national attention Tuesday with an op-ed for National Review, explaining that conducting orchestras is his little-known pastime, and that he’s been studying classical music since he was in high school.

“I conduct orchestras because I love making music,” Prager writes; “but I also do so because I want to help raise funds for local orchestras (I have never been paid to conduct) and because I want to expose as many people to classical music as possible.”

Despite his admirable intentions, the UCLA professors and some public officials believe Prager’s political views should disqualify him from conducting, which Prager calls a “new low for the illiberal left.”


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Beware, Be very aware!

Those sneaky Conservatives will try tweak the notes to play “dog whistles” for their minions, sending them forth to wreak havoc on the Liberal Utopia.

In the name of all that is tolerance we simply can NOT tolerate such subterfuge. Besides, everyone knows WE have the corner on that market!

Oh no! The dog whistles are piercing my ears! Someone make it stop! Wait, why don’t any of the Conservatives hear them?


thalesofmiletus | August 3, 2017 at 11:46 am

The Left has become 100% intolerant if they cannot abide even the mere presence of Dennis “I didn’t leave the Democrat party, they left me” Prager. A more mild-mannered “conservative” you will never find.

Definitely won’t be sending my daughters to UCLA!