On Saturday, I blogged how professors at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln harassed the president of the university’s chapter of Turning Point, a conservative organization, as she recruited new members.

Alex Dwyer, the president of the University of Kansas’s chapter, spoke out about the collapse of campus activism across the country:

“The hostility, the divisive rhetoric, it has to end. That end starts with each of us. Individually. We must all do better. Even if we think we are already doing better. Do better,” Dwyer said in the letter.

“I thought it was necessary because there’s been a lot of tension that’s been surrounding activism in general, especially around college campuses,” Dwyer said. “I just felt it was a good idea to just say something and say, ‘look, this is where we’re going to stand as a club moving forward, how we’re going to conduct ourselves and how we wish to engage in our activities.”

“I want to run my chapter kind of almost as like a reform chapter of Turning Point to show what a good activism chapter can look like… that’s not going to be divisive, that’s not going to be stirring the pot just to stir the pot. We’re actually going to engage in productive work,” Dwyer said.

Dwyer said the university has not witnessed the divisive rhetoric that has plagued other colleges and he hope it doesn’t happen.


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