The dramatic resignation of the Obama-era holdovers from President Trump’s administration continue, as a UC Berkeley professor who was the science envoy for the State Department officially gave his notice.

A prominent UC Berkeley energy professor resigned his post with the U.S. State Department on Wednesday in response to President Donald Trump’s “attacks on the core values” of the country.

“Your actions to date have, sadly, harmed the quality of life in the United States, our standing abroad, and the sustainability of the planet,” wrote Professor Daniel Kammen in his resignation letter to Trump on Wednesday.

Kammen said he’s served various roles for the federal Environmental Protection Agency, energy and state departments since 1996. He’s stepping down as a science envoy to the Americas, a position he accepted in 2010 under then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, according to a curriculum vitae posted on a UC Berkeley website.

Reviewing the letter, it seems Kammen felt that the President’s decision to exit the Paris Climate Accord and prioritize valid scientific pollution prevention policies in federally funded environmental research was unacceptable. In a particularly childish and unprofessional move, the first letters of each paragraph in that resignation letters spells IMPEACH.

Underscoring my take on the loss of the science envoy, I note that there is so much to savor about Kammen’s resignation:

  • Another self-righteous State Department employee is gone.
  • Our exiting the Paris Climate Accord inspired this UC Berkeley professor to leave.
  • This shows President Trump is angering the right people, with his sensible approach to reducing regulations,
  • President Trump’s team has one less Obama holdover.

Marvelously, this was the latest in a spate of dramatic resignations.  Last week, 16 members of the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities  gave their notice.

Actor Kal Penn, a member of the group, shared the resignation letter on Twitter — a sharp rebuke of the President’s response to white nationalist rallies in Charlottesville, Virginia, in which Trump blamed people on “all sides” for the deadly violence and rejected calls to remove divisive Confederate monuments.

…As the letter spread through the Internet, many noticed the group used artistic license to drive home its point. The first letter of each paragraph spells out a rallying cry: RESIST.

Patiently I await the next slug of Obama-holdover resignations with great anticipation!

2020‘s race can’t come soon enough. (I hope you all saw what I did here, with the paragraphs I wrote myself!).



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