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Spanish Authorities Kill Several in Cambrils During Anti-Terror Operation

Spanish Authorities Kill Several in Cambrils During Anti-Terror Operation

Prime minister condemned jihadi terrorism.

Spanish authorities killed several in Cambrils in an anti-terror operation to stop a second deadly attack only hours after terrorists killed 13 people in Barcelona. From Fox News:

State-owned broadcaster RTVE reported police killed four people and injured another, after police suspected they were planning a second terror attack.

Meantime, authorities were on the hunt for the van driver. It was not immediately clear how the suspects killed in Cambrils may have been connected to the Barcelona attack.

At least two people have been arrested as suspects in the Barcelona incident, according to the regional president of Catalonia. One of the suspects is a Spanish national from Melilla, and the other is a Moroccan citizen who lived in Spain legally.

The fifth suspect died a few hours later.

From The Guardian:

The health department has said that one of the six bystanders injured in Cambrils is in a critical condition.

Spanish media including El País are reporting that a group of assailants in the town ran over several people in an echo of the day’s earlier attack in Barcelona. This has not been confirmed by authorities. However, police have said that six civilians and one police officer were injured.

Fitzroy Davis told the media what happened during the operation. He witnessed the shootings as he hung out with friends in Cambrils:

We were sitting at the bar and these girls ran in and some people started running past us. One of our friends looked down the street and he says: ‘Run.’

The next thing is we see this guy coming running at us and someone shouted: ‘Call the police, call the police.’

He was running away at first then he turned round and he came running back up the street and he stopped and that is when the police car came and then they were shouting at him.

And then he was walking around in a circle and then they shot him.

He fell to the ground and he came back up and he stepped over the fence and he was smiling at them. And he came walking to the police and he was taunting them sort of thing, and they shot him again.

And that was it and then he went down.

The Guardian noted that anything that occurred before the operation remains unclear since officials have not offered up much information:

Officials have given little information beyond the fact that the five alleged perpetrators were killed; and that six bystanders were injured along with one police officer. The officer is lightly hurt, but one of the six is critically ill and another seriously wounded.

Other reports from the scene – as yet not confirmed – suggest some of the suspects drove a car, possibly an Audi, at pedestrians, causing the injuries.

The location of bodies pictured at the scene suggest the suspects were not in the car when they were shot by police.

There are also unverified reports that the suspects were wearing explosive belts. Police said a specialist bomb disposal team was investigating this.

Barcelona Attack

At 5 PM local time on Thursday, a terrorist drove a van into a crowd on a popular street in Barcelona. He killed 13 people and injured over 100 people. At least 15 received serious injuries. Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy condemned the attack:

“I want to also express my solidarity with all of Spain to the city of Barcelona, today hit by jihadi terrorism, like other cities have been in the world.” Rajoy told reporters on Thursday.

“I want my first words in Barcelona to be of grief, of remembrance, and solidarity to the victims of this attack, and to their family members and friends,” he added.

Authorities arrested two people, but neither drove the van. From CNN:

Two suspects have been arrested — one from Morocco and one from the Spanish Enclave of Melilla — Josep Lluis Trapero, the head of the Catalonia Police, said in a press conference.

One suspect was arrested in Alcanar, Tarragona, where an explosion took place on Wednesday night, Catalan Police Chief Josep Lluis Trapero told reporters Thursday. The second arrest occurred Thursday in Ripoll, Girona after the Barcelona terror attack, according to the Catalan Police chief.

Neither is the person who drove the van into the Barcelona crowd.

ISIS took responsibility for the Barcelona attack.

The Telegraph wrote that authorities suspect Driss Oukabir, of Moroccan origin, rented the van used in the attack. Reports from Spain say he turned himself in and that police are “investigating whether his brother had stolen his documentation.”

Wednesday Night Attack

The police have linked a terrorist attack in Alcanar, 120 miles from Barcelona, on Wednesday night to Thursday’s attack.

Authorities first thought gas caused Wednesday’s explosion. From The Telegraph:

Josep Lluis Trapero, head of the Mossos police, announced at a press conference that they now believe there is some connection between the occupants of the house and the perpetrators of the Barcelona attack.

At least one person was killed and six injured when the house blew up, causing substantial devastation to nearby buildings. The sound of the explosion was heard several miles away, according to locals.

Inside the house, which police believe was occupied for a few months, they found around 20 canisters of butane and propane gas.

A woman was found dead and a man, discovered among the rubble, was taken to hospital in a critical condition.

The other injured people are thought to be neighbours.


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As I’ve said before, the West (or more correctly civilized world) is going to have to deal with this.

It’s going to happen, because the cost/benefit ratio (if you are a jihadist) is simply too good. We have to develop means to fight this threat effectively. The fact that some many of these terrorists are already in the “system” should give us a very strong hint and some hope about how to proceed.

buckeyeminuteman | August 18, 2017 at 8:35 am

See! You white-privileged nazis blame terrorism on poor Muslim immigrants. Republicans are the real terrorists driving cars into people! <>