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Some U. Michigan Profs Tell Abortionists to Describe the Gruesome Details

Some U. Michigan Profs Tell Abortionists to Describe the Gruesome Details

Embrace the murder

Some pro-choice professors at the University of Michigan have decided that the best way to fight the pro-life movement is to encourage abortionists to be vocal about the gruesome details of the procedure. From Campus Reform:

Professor Lisa A. Martin, et al. published an article in the most recent issue of Social Science and Medicine, where they explain that abortion providers “self-censor” in order to avoid discussing sensitive issues such as “multiple abortions, grief after abortion, [and] the economics of abortion.”

Martin and her colleagues go on to note that many abortion providers face severe backlash for speaking up about these issues, but argue that failing to do so “results in costs to the movement itself.”

“One consequence is that nuanced public depictions of abortion workers are rare,” Martin explains, adding that “the absence of providers’ voices has created a vacuum in which stereotypical caricatures may dominate the public discourse.”

Indeed, the four authors claims that neglecting to talk about the “difficult aspects of abortion work [could] ultimately weaken the abortion rights movement,” referencing an argument initially made by the late Norma Leah McCorvey Nelson (the “Roe” in Roe v. Wade, who eventually became an anti-abortion activist.)

The paper elaborates that “while participants often commented about their pride in their work, many also identified moral uncertainties about whether or not providing abortions was always a good thing.”

“I still to this day say to myself I hope I’m doing the right thing. That never goes away,” said one abortion provider. “There’s part of this where you need some validation [that] what you’re doing is right.”

Another abortion provider expressed concern that she worked in an “abortion mill,” as anti-abortion activists call it. “It’s like a slaughterhouse—it’s like—line ‘em up and kill ‘em and then go on to the next one—I feel like that sometimes.”


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Yeah, I don’t see how this won’t work out. SMDH.

Close The Fed | August 21, 2017 at 10:27 am

Wow. Some of them have a conscience. Who knew?

When I was a young nurse and went to school to finish my degree, I was offered a job as a manager of an abortion clinic based on a research proposal I wrote. My thesis was that if the significant other had to go through the abortion process with the mother, there would be a significant decrease in the number of abortions.
Generally speaking, women often, in shame, go to these clinics alone, never receive a real education of what is about to happen, nor any alternative resources. This was in the 70’s and information was not as readily available and I think many women didn’t fully comprehend what they were doing and suffered for the rest of their lives. Men had very little to do with it , either by choice or culture of the time, and may or may not have paid for the actual abortion.

I declined the job…