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SJWs at Sarah Lawrence College Want Fellow Students to Pay Feminists

SJWs at Sarah Lawrence College Want Fellow Students to Pay Feminists


This is a metaphor for the whole philosophy of the left, isn’t it?

The Blaze reports:

SJW college kids demand fellow students pay feminists for their ’emotional labor’

Some students at New York’s Sarah Lawrence College, ranked one of the most expensive private schools in the nation, demanded that fellow students pay campus activists for their “emotional labor,” the College Fix reported Wednesday.

A Facebook thread about both a python released by a student on campus and a popular tree scheduled for removal went viral among the students, according to the College Fix.

Soon, social justice warriors became angered that students were talking about trees and snakes and not social justice issues. The post then devolved into SJWs demanding money from other students, including some students called out by name to make payments.

SJW students facilitated the opportunity to make these payments by posting a link that was connected to 17 Venmo — a money exchange facilitation phone app — accounts, mostly belonging to female students of color.

“In honor of Women’s History Month, and the labor that women and femmes of color do for Sarah Lawrence every month of the year,” the post, which featured a picture of a poster with the words “Give your $ to Women & Femmes of Color” written in glitter, said.

The College Fix said the idea was inspired by the #GiveYourMoneyToWomen hashtag that was created on Twitter by prominent feminists.

SJWs first invaded the Facebook thread about the released snake after one student became frustrated that students were giving more attention to a snake than “systematic racism,” “sexual assaults,” and “anti-Muslim hate crimes.”


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I give almost all of my money to women every payday.

“SJWs at Sarah Lawrence College Want Fellow Students to Pay Feminists”

Go ahead and want.

Well now…..

THRERE’s an argument that’s pregnant with possibilities!

*tee hee, snicker, snort!*

Once known as the Fat Lesbian School, it is trying to brush up its reputation. LOL

With liberals, it’s always about the money. They aren’t usually quite so blatant about it, though.

Wish in one hand, spit in the other, and see which one fills up first.

I just have two questions:
1-Who decides who pays, how much they pay, and who gets it?
2-Was the python’s name Monty?

Feminist hookers from Mars?

Move the feminist studies department to Pakistan. Not only will they get a first rate education, but they will have the added advantage of becoming an experienced world traveler.

kenoshamarge | August 5, 2017 at 8:31 am

Showing who and what they are – greedy looking for a handout people who feel entitled to other people’s money.

Nothing new here except they say it right out instead of pretending to be about anything except money.