This is an update to a story we posted two days ago. This guy is suffering the consequences of saying something very dumb.

The Blaze reports:

Beyoncé professor who wished ‘someone would just shoot Trump’ is fired before starting teaching

Kevin Allred — AKA the Montclair State University professor who taught a class on Beyoncé — has been fired from the university as a result of his hate speech against President Donald Trump.

Allred was dismissed from Montclair State University in New Jersey before he even began teaching there, and revealed on Friday night in a series of now-deleted tweets that he’d lost his job before it began.

After tweeting, “Trump is a f**king joke. I wish someone would just shoot him outright,” Allred admitted that he’d been dismissed as a result of his comments about the president.

“So FYI … Montclair State has fired me before I even started teaching there,” Allred wrote on Twitter Friday evening. “When universities cave to basic conservative political pressure like this, they’re firmly taking a side.”

He continued, “It’s funny cuz in my interview [Montclair State was] super excited about me being young, hip, and calling out power. Guess not in practice, huh?”

“This was all after they promised me work & had me spend weeks creating syllabi for classes they wanted me to teach,” he said. “Very classy, Montclair.”