Some people in academia truly lost their minds as a result of the election.

Campus Reform reports:

Princeton course explores ‘white identity politics’ in ‘Trumpland’

A Princeton University professor is seeking submissions for a project she has dubbed “Trumplandia” in order to document “the impact of Trump’s presidency on the world.”

Professor Carolyn Rouse has asked anyone “from around the world” to contribute “any textual, visual, or audio evidence” of “a social phenomenon related to Trump’s presidency” that they encounter using an online submission form housed on Princeton’s website.

“This project began two days after the 2016 US Presidential election of Donald Trump. The changes promised by the president-elect to ‘make America great again’ were authoritarian and racist,” Rouse states when explaining her motivation for the project, listing many of the issues she has with Trump, such as his promise to “lock Hillary Clinton up,” “build a wall,” and “take away people’s health care.”

Rouse vows that submissions to her “Trumplandia” project will serve as her only source of news for the next four years, citing a frustration with the “terrible” news media “in the run-up to the election.”

The material she collects, Rouse predicts, will highlight “the inevitable disenchantment with a conspiracy-theorist turned president” since “the working class whites who voted for him would see their wages stagnate and possibly drop.”