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Prager U: Are Charter Schools Better Than Public Schools?

Prager U: Are Charter Schools Better Than Public Schools?

What exactly are charter schools? Are they good for students?

What’s the difference between charter schools and public schools? Their proliferation means they must have some value, right?

Prager U‘s latest discusses:

Teachers unions and other public school activists fight against them. Parents, teachers, and non-profit groups rally for them. What are they? Answer: Charter schools, and they are becoming a bigger part of the U.S. education system every year. Most states now utilize them to some degree. But what exactly are charter schools? And the question that most matters: are they good for students?

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Interesting. The anti-charter school lobby claims that charter schools tend to underperform. A closer look at the data is in order, for me at least. It’s hard to argue with the high demand for charter schools. Are so many customers likely to be wrong? What I know for certain is that teacher unions are not good for students, and if charter schools make the unions uncomfortable they must be doing something right.